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Clock After refurb.jpg

The clock at St. Thomas' Church is housed it the tower at the North East corner of the building. It has four faces, one on each side of the tower.

The original clock was given to the church as a memorial to W. Landor Esq. who died in 1860. Landor is credited as one of the chief promoters behind the erection of the church.  The original quarter chime was added in 1897 to commemorate the 50th year of the reign of Queen Victoria.

A disastrous fire in the tower in 1912 destroyed the clock and bells as well as causing severe damage to the organ. However, a new clock and chimes were supplied by Messrs. John Smith and Sons of Derby. The installation work was undertaken by C. T. Cowell of Victoria Street, Douglas.

An automatic winding mechanism was installed in 2006 by J. B. Joyce & Co. of Whitchurch.

The four clock faces along with the four sets of hands were cleaned, painted and fully restored in 2016 / 2017.

St Thomas Clock Face.jpg

The tower and clock face. 

                                              The steps inside the tower.

                           Clock Makers' Details

Smith Detail.jpg
Tower ladder.jpg

The Clock Mechanism

Mechanism 3.jpg
Mechanism 2a.jpg
Cog detail.jpg

Cog detail                                      Pendulum & Weight

Tower Scaffold refurb.jpg
Clock pre refurb.jpg
Clock After refurb.jpg

     The tower restoration                                       One of the clock faces before and after restoration


A Short History of St. Thomas' Church 2006 - D Smith (Church Warden)

The Building of St. Thomas' Church - I.O.M. Natural History and Antiquarian Society 1971 - Presidential Address - Mrs A Flanagan.

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