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The first Mothers Union meeting of the 2020 /21 year was held on Tuesday 8th September 2020 at 2.00pm in church when the Rev. Philip Frear led Holy Communion. This was followed by tea and chat about the programme for the coming months. The full programme for the year ahead is set out below.

Branch leader Lorna Martin said, " we'd love to see as many people as possible coming along to enjoy the friendship and events. The Mothers Union, as an organization, is open to both men and women to join. The St. Thomas' branch is an eclectic mix of diverse individuals who enjoy a good knees up".

After 23 years as first Enrolling Member and latterly Branch Leader and also some years as Secretary and Treasurer, Lorna is seeking to take a step back and the branch is looking for someone new to fill the various roles. Lorna  says that none of the positions is very arduous so if you feel able to take up one of these jobs your help will be very much appreciated.

Subs of £20.00 are now overdue so if you haven't yet paid please see Lorna as soon as possible.


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